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Oh myyyyyyy yesssss it is true!

I entered the #voicesthatgive competition, run by American actress and all-round amazing human being, Jen Lilley.

I entered with the intention to win. I know that sounds obvious however I don’t think it necessarily is. There were times when I questioned whether I COULD win, when previously I may have given up and consequently fallen out of the race. But during this competition, I re-settled myself, refocussed and thought, ‘no, I’m GOING to win. This is happening’.

And then, last week on an amazing Thursday morning I got the AMAZING email that said I was the grand prize winner!!!!!

I entered with this video, a scene from Fleabag (a show that is groundbreaking and fantastic)!

Love you all, I believe anyone can do what they want in this life, I believe in you!

Love, Isi xx


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