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  • Isabel Macmaster

Career + Life thoughts with Casting Networks

It's easy to sometimes feel like you're all on your won. Like nobody has your back, like anything working in your life depends on you to create it and make it happen.

But what I'm starting to see is that people actually want to help.

But that it's up to us to ask for it.

These aren't just random thoughts entering my head but rather the feeling I had when I read the article written about me on Casting Networks. It was through them that I actually entered and won #VoicesThatGive.

I was consequently interviewed by the most lovely, warm writer, Zorianna Kit and reading the article she wrote it dawned on me - these people are out there, wanting you to succeed, loving seeing the work you're doing.

We just have to keep creating because there are people out there rooting for us to win!

Here is the article, have a read: 👇

Let me know if you have any thoughts from this, if you feel like reaching out for guidance or if you just simply feel like connecting.

Isi xx

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