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So. Exciting times. Change. Life.

Where to start. I guess I’ll start with September last year. My mum, two sisters & I attended a four day, Tony Robbins self-development seminar.

It was life changing.

Basically, VERY basically it taught us to think differently.

One aspect of that being the ability to truly know anything and EVERYTHING is possible.

So, a few months on from that, my sister took some personal coaching sessions.

She told me that her coach had set her a challenge:

- To come up with a few three-monthly, six-monthly and yearly goals.

I got excited. ‘I’m going to do that too!’ - I exclaimed.

So I set about doing it.

For my three-monthly goals I set:

1. Finish all my TAFE projects (curb link chain, pearl ring, dome earrings, claw earring, pendant)

2. Create a short film and enter it into Tropfest 2019

3. Finish writing my feature film script.

Each one of these goals I then broke down into micro steps, e.g. file chain links, brainstorm simple short film ideas, write five pages of feature script weekly, etc.

I then started. And kept going. And finished! All of them!

For me this is a game changer. All of these things were clearly do-able, however all were large goals that COULD be seen as overwhelming, especially all at once and within a three month period.

This has been an exciting & eye-opening realisation. It proves to me the clear importance of setting and writing down a clear goal with a timeframe, then breaking it down into micro steps, each with their own time frame. 

Anything that has been done before is clearly possible and lots of things that haven’t yet been achieved are achievable.

I’m now onto my next goals for 2019! What are your goals? Have you written them down? In detail and execution-wise? I can’t wait to see what we all achieve this year! Let me know in a comment your goals and dreams - let this be the start of your journey to achieving them! 🙌🏼

Happy creating! 🙌🏼🎉

Isi xx

I have recently come to realise that the joy in acting should come entirely from the actual acting, not from landing a role successfully but from doing a wonderful job in the audition. This also means that an actor can then be acting daily, without the need for a casting director/director/producer or anyone else to give you the tick of approval. It's a choice. My new YouTube venture is to show other actors this possibility. Through finding one simple way of acting daily, I aim to inspire and excite other actors to do the same and thus be living and breathing their craft.


Isi xx

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