I love telling stories. Truthfully. Especially stories that have people questioning their preconceived ideas.

I was never a kid who knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I knew about the important things like the fact that I'd always have icecreams in the freezer for the kids to take whenever they wanted & that I'd definitely let my kids watch M-rated movies.
But not what I wanted to do career-wise.
One day in year six, sitting in a classroom at a new school, my teacher announced lunchtime auditions for our class play.
My competitive nature became alerted.
I had to get that main role.
Opening night came & there I was, standing onstage - a skinny, tiger-print obsessed, 12-year old girl - playing Odysseus, the great King of Ithaca.
That week of the show I was transported to a world where the embarrassments of a 12-year old girl didn't exist, making a fool of myself was nowhere on my mind, on that stage I was free of all the supposed shortcomings of adolescence.
I walked off that stage and said “Mum, I'm gonna be an actor”.

I was born and spent my early life in Bowral, country NSW, the third of four daughters to an artist and a piano teacher.
We lived in a wooden house that Dad renovated, that had previously been a nunnery. Some people said it was haunted.
I loved reading, making fairy gardens, selling flowers to my sisters using seedpods as currency, making play-dough out of pine-tree pollen and learning to ride my unicycle.
I went to a Steiner School with my sisters where, amongst other things I learned to grow vegetables, knit, crochet, paint, bake bread + freeze oranges.
We wore free dress and my sisters and I had colour-coordinated family photos. Every year.

Soon after school I got scouted as a model and travelled to Milan, Italy through a modelling contract. It was a wonderful, life-changing experience and my first chance to travel. I requested bus tickets in laboured Italian, drank espresso & went to aperitivo every night.
I also got a few jobs that involved acting over there. However, as I didn't speak fluent Italian I couldn't do speaking roles and I realised how much I missed real acting.

We moved to Melbourne when I was 11.
I was obsessed with leopard print, I got bullied for a day or two and then I figured out Melbourne life.
You got a free lunch if you worked in the ‘dining room’ in lunch time, leopard print was probably better not all in one outfit and you could stop learning your string instrument in year eight! Phew!

So after four fantastic months, I came home to act. 

Not long after, I signed with Catherine Poulton Management (acting) and Chadwick Models, both of which were a dream come true.

I've been acting ever since, in TV, short films, music videos and TV commercials.

I am now living in Sydney, focused on acting truthfully and creating film.

This website is created to showcase my work.
Through seeing my work online, I want to give directors, producers + casting directors the right reason to bring me in, knowing I fit the character that they want to fill before they’ve even met me.


My experience in this industry has been full of excitement, kindness, fun and fascinating people, so for the many people who ask me about it, I could not recommend it more.

Aside from acting I love reading, creating and studying self-development & human behaviour.

I am so humbled by all of the opportunities that I have had, thankful for the life I have and excited for everything that is to come.

Love & peace,

Isi xx

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