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Isabel Alice Bell Macmaster


One of four sisters.

Could I say a country girl? Sometimes I feel like one,

having grown up in Bowral NSW.

Always leaning toward living a life of MORE joy, expansion, fun.


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Current Projects

Shakespeare With Isi (in production)

YouTube channel continuously producing episodes.

I read and perform Shakespeare plays, one scene per episode (or sometimes divided over multiple eps if an extremely long scene), in an understandable way.

Legs - short film (pre-production)

The Next Big Thing - feature doco (in production)

Dark Forest - film (in production)

The Magician - film (post production)

The Road - film (playing at Sydney Lift-Off Film Festival + Sydney Web Fest )

Mitsubishi commercial - TVC (on air)


To create my own path in life.

To be brave.

To act in projects that I find interesting.

To challenge myself but also to relax.

To act with Robert de Niro.

To play the role of a jeweller in a film/TV show.

To get REALLY good at skipping/jump rope.

To read every Shakespeare play.

To walk the camino with mummy.

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To create a feature film that wouldn't exist if I didn't make it.

My idea, my vision, myself acting in it.

A story I adore and believe in and am moved by.

Screened at cinemas, Australian and International.

Streamed on an international service such as Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, you get the drift.

There you have it.

There's the MISSION.


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Stills from The Road

Stills from Dark Forest

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